Meet Tiny Doge

Woof woof! Meet your new lifelong buddy, TinyDoge. TinyDoge is a loyal pet looking for its rightful and loving owners to help take him to the Moon.TinyDoge is your one true woof woof. TinyDoge is cute, loyal, fun to play with, and like any other doggos, seeks to protect the interests and wellbeings of its owners. TinyDoge is not your usual fussy pets. In fact, it’s super easy to be with TinyDoge. Simply buy TinyDoge, grow TinyDoge, introduce TinyDoge to a heap of friends and watch him rewarding you for your efforts. The longer you stay with him, the more love and benefits you will get from TinyDoge.Love TinyDoge, stay with him till the end and enjoy the benefits that TinyDoge will give you as a reward for being such a devoted companion!

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Tiny Doge!

Grows in your wallet

$TNDOGE is a coin designed to reward loyalty. The longer you stay with TinyDoge, the bigger the value of $TNDOGE and the higher the rewards that TinyDoge will give you, the sweeter his kisses too! TinyDoge is looking to create a community of TinyDoge owners who together can share and enjoy the benefit of raising TinyDoge, ultimately to reward TinyDoge with the trip of a lifetime – a trip to “the Moon”. Owning $TNDOGE cannot be simpler, as you can now find them available on Metamask and Trustwallet for purchase.

Hiding treasures in the liquidity pool

TinyDoge knows that you cherish him, and whatever you give him is a valuable asset. That’s why TinyDoge will hide 4% value of every transaction into Dxsale his liquidity pool for a period of 2 year. This is to ensure that $TNDOGE liquidity volume is maintained enough for both new and current owners of $TNDOGE, and that TinyDoge is here to accompany his owners in the long run.

Giving Treats

TinyDoge gives treats to his owners as 3% of every transactions will be redistributed to $TNDOGE owners. As a result, TinyDoge will keep giving you these treats for as long as you keep your $TNDOGE coins, and even better, the treats will get bigger as more and more owners joining the community and more transactions being executed.

Giving back to community

Raising TinyDoge is not just about making profit but also about creating a better workd for him. Being such a good boy, TinyDoge will dedicate 3% of all transaction values to charitable causes. The type of charity TinyDoge will send funds to is decided collectively by all TinyDoge owners.


About TinyDoge Coin

TinyDoge Daughter of Doge Coin

TinyDoge is a loyal friend and will reward all long terms owners who take care of TinyDoge in the long run. TinyDoge loves it if everyone gets along, so TinyDoge tries his mightiest to create a supportive, transparent and fair community for all his beloved owners. Together TinyDoge will take all his owners on a trip of a lifetime.

Charity Partner

Charity Partners

Our first donation!
Michael J. Baines is the president and co-founder of The Man That Rescues Dogs. He is a Swedish entrepreneur who moved to Thailand and opened his restaurant in Bangsaen, Chonburi, Thailand, in 2011, where he started his mission of rescuing and controlling the stray dog population.
LEARN MORE ABOUT The Man That Rescues Dogs


Our Tokenomic

TOTAL SUPPLY 1,000,000,000,000,000

5% 5% 40% 50%
  • Team Dev and marketing Lock
  • Airdrop lock 14 days
  • Add liquid lock 2 years
  • Burn


ROADMAP (note: check mark does not mean completed mile stone)


  • Team Formation / Conceptualization TinyDoge
  • Website launch
  • 1,000 Telegram Members / holders
  • Fair Launch
  • AirDrop Event
  • CoinSnip / CoinHunt / Blockfolio
  • Press Releases / AMA
  • CoinGecko and Coin Market Cap Listing Application
  • Partnerships with Worldwide Animal Protect Organization


  • Audit Process
  • Voluntary donation / Charity partnership
  • Marketing Campaign
  • CEX Listings
  • 50,000 Telegram Members / 5000 holders
  • TinyDoge Swap


  • 100,000 Telegram Members / 10,000 Holders
  • Air drop #2
  • KOLs Marketing
  • TinyDoge Swap Testnet


  • Website Redesign
  • Community Vote for 2022 Initiatives
  • Release NFT Marketplace for TinyDoge
  • Partner with Artists for NFT Series
  • Donation to Animal Shelters


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